Hello , and welcome to Sodaia. This is the place you can get free software ect. Contact [email protected] for help.


Here at Sodaia we believe that almost everything on the Internet should be free. But unfortunately we can not change the whole network, but we can do our best to change ourselves.

All at Soda is 100% free and it will never cost anything. This means that script, software, help, etc. is free. At us you can get help too. You can write to our support email and get the help you need. You can ask about anything and we will do our best to answer. So if you want help then just write to [email protected].

Right now we have some people that can help both to create software and help with your problems on the support line.

But we are unfortunately not as many so if you want to be a part of helping please email support (again) and write an email about yourself and what you would like to work with.

We are help websites for free. If you have a bug in your system, then you can email the support and we will found out how to fix it.
(Updated by Simeon L. Dahl on March 29, 2013)