• Join our Grand Theft Auto 5 sessions!

  • New Arma 3 server is coming up soon!

  • The Garry's Mod sandbox has been updated!

  • Get friends with other Counter-Strike: GO players!

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Right now we're working on making a gaming night here at Sodaia. We want to get as many people as we can, on TeamSpeak 3 and real life, and just play for like 48 hours straight. If you're interested, fell free to join the TS and tell us.

TeamSpeak 3

The TeamSpeak 3 server is up and running. The update made the server working like never before.


We're working on the Minecraft portal server. There will be survival, creative, PVP and more stuff when it comes up!

Welcome to Sodaia - Online Multi Gaming. A community that has a goal to give gamers a place to be and give them new friends. We always try to get new members by our server, YouTube and PR.

If you like to play computer games or just want to place to meet new people then Sodaia place for you. We play many things. We play World of Warcraft, Counter- Strike: GO, Garry 's Mod, LoL, Arma etc.. There is hardly any games that we play here.

Our Servers


PLEASE NOTE: We have more servers than the ones shown. We're doing a huge update on the server, then they come back up we will show them here!

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TeamSpeak 3

We have a TeamSpeak 3 server that you can join. There you can talk, play and get new friends. The IP for the server is: ts.sodaia.com