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Simme A posted Feb 11, 14

Welcome to Sodaia Online Multigaming

Welcome to Sodaia. We are a community that focus on gamings and friends. We are a new community, we started a long time ago, but we closed, and now we're back. This community got started by a guy callled Simme and Hitman, and the reason he started it is becurse we really wanted a place to stay when we just want to relax and play games.

In this community we focus on games, friends and that our members have the best time they can get. And when it comes to game servers, then we are willing to put up any servers out members want.
If you guys would like a CS:GO server or Ark server, then we will be happy to create it and make the servers fun so you guys have a place to play.

There is some rules in the community. We do not accept bulling, of any kind. of course we allow jokes with friends and fun, but if it gets real, then we till handle it. We want a place where people fell home, and not a place where they don't feel comfortable.

We do have some requirements, you need to:

Be at least 12 years old.
Be mature (when things gets serious)
Be willing to talk on TeamSpeak 3 (our main voice server)

This is the only things that we have in the community. But if you ae under 12 years of age, then you can talk with one of the staff, and then they will make a decision, if you're mature.

Not you now a bit about the community, and if you things it's something for you, then you're welcome to register and join our TeamSpeak 3. (IP:

Free TeamSpeak 3 Servers

Simme A posted Nov 11, 15

Greetings everyone!

We now host free TeamSpeak 3 servers for our members. If you like a free TeamSpeak you will max get 50 slots, but you can get more if needed (after you talked with an administrator).

The way you get it is just to write a message to Simme (developer), and give a short reason for why you need it. When that is done, you will get a TeamSpeak 3 server for you're self an you're community.

On all our free servers we have 99,99% uptime. Right now we do not support so much file upload to the servers, but you will be able to upload some.

Yes, we do host the server, but we do not come in and do stuff. Out mindset is that we host you're server, not ours.

Kind regards


Programming Help

Simme A posted Nov 10, 15


Are you a new community or an old one, and need some help progamming wise, well in that case you found the right place. Here at Sodaia we have a lot of great developers that are willing to help you for free.

You might be thinking, "What do they get out of it?", well we want to help becurse we get better. That is the basic reason we want to help. Traning is always good, and if we can help you buil custom software/websites, then it will help us as well.

This is some of the programming languages that we can help with:

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Perl
  • Python
  • C++
  • C#
  • Markup (HTML,CSS)
  • ActionScript
  • LUA

And a frew more.

If you want help, fell free to join our TeamSpeak 3 server.

Kind regards

Simme (Developer)

Domain & New Website

Simme A posted Oct 15, 15

Hello everyone!

We now have a new website for the Sodaia Community. We will have the same domain '', but the website itself will change. Since we have changed to this CMS we could not export out memers and add them here, we are really sorry about that, so we will need to ask you to make an account here instead.

We have moved our CMS to Enjin.

Keep tuned for more news on this subject later!

Kind regards,

Simme (Founder)

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